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Who we are:

The Race for Snow team is a group of Boston-area high school ski racers committed to combating climate change. Practicing at Weston Ski Track, we rely heavily on man-made snow and are feeling the effects of the climate crisis as the amount of natural snow dwindles each year. Unfortunately, even our snow blowers are used less and less often as the cold temperatures needed for snow-making occur less frequently.

Cambridge Sports Union Juniors hosted the first Race for Snow in 2017, but since then our organizational crew has expanded to include members of many local ski teams. We are entirely volunteer based, motivated by the terrible effects of climate change on our sport, our community, and every community.

All Highschoolers, Athletes, and Friends:

Just as it was seven years ago, this race is entirely organized, directed, and facilitated by high school students from the greater Boston area. Every single Race for Snow team member is not only a lover of winter, but also a competitive racer. When we're not practicing, or racing, at Weston Ski Track, we're usually racing at an Eastern Cup or even sometimes at a National Ski Championship!

Part of the reason our event is so successful is because our team is full of friends. We all want each other to succeed in our skiing, racing, and individual goals. This makes our work on the Race for Snow not only rewarding, but fun!

Join Us!

We have already formed our team this year, but we always want more ideas of how to make our race more popular. Send us your suggestions! The more money we raise, the more we can donate to save our favorite season, Winter.
If you cannot race, but are interested in helping day of race, contact us and we may have some ways you can help.
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